Camper Friendly

Looking to caravan? All of these cars work with our magnetic CANDYCAR® Campers.


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Airstream®  CamperAirstream®  Camper
Airstream® Camper Sale price$12.00
Pinecone CamperPinecone Camper
Pinecone Camper Sale price$10.00
Rosebud CamperRosebud Camper
Rosebud Camper Sale price$10.00
Everglades MuleEverglades Mule
Everglades Mule Sale price$9.00
Mississippi MuleMississippi Mule
Mississippi Mule Sale price$9.00
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Rio Grande MuleRio Grande Mule
Rio Grande Mule Sale price$9.00
Luggage WagonLuggage Wagon
Luggage Wagon Sale price$9.00
Pink SedanPink Sedan
Pink Sedan Sale price$9.00
Teal WagonTeal Wagon
Teal Wagon Sale price$9.00
Blue Racer #8Blue Racer #8
Blue Racer #8 Sale price$9.00
Red Racer #5Red Racer #5
Red Racer #5 Sale price$9.00
B.Nana Sale price$9.00
Duckie WagonDuckie Wagon
Duckie Wagon Sale price$15.00
Flamingo WagonFlamingo Wagon
Flamingo Wagon Sale price$15.00