Candylab is a young, design focused company based in Tribeca, downtown New York City. We are bravely carving a new path through the toy market, with a philosophy centered on two powerful but simple ideas:

First, toys should be cool and engaging to parents and children alike, hence the design-centered approach to each product we create.

Second, we are adamant about reducing the amount of plastic dumped in our biosphere. No possible scenario calls for a child's toy to still be around in 5,000 years from now.

By reviving old woodworking techniques and combining them with modern engineering and design approaches, we are effectively reinventing what a humble wooden toy can be.

Why Work for Candylab?

• Great benefits including health care
• Awesome office space and a list of big name brands to work with: The New York Times, Saint Laurent, Starbucks Reserve, Aman Hotels and Airstream to name a few.
• An incredible customer fan base cheering us on
• Competitive salary dependent on experience