Whether it's a birthday celebration, a playdate extravaganza, or a rainy day rescue mission, these kits are here to turn any occasion into a great time.

At Candylab Toys play comes first with our wooden diecast Castor Sets. Designed for kids aged 6 and up, these sets contain everything budding car designers need to assemble and decorate their very own cars.

With enough kits to go around, everyone can join in on the building and decorating fun.

The Castor Sets double as party favors and the entertainment at any gathering.

Assembling and customizing the cars becomes the highlight of the event, ensuring that every guest goes home with a smile on their face and a personalized wooden car in their hand.

Available in packs of 12 or 48, these kits are designed to accommodate every guest. Your event will come to life as little hands eagerly assemble and decorate their own miniature masterpieces. These kits are guaranteed to be the highlight of the day.