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Zebra Facts


Americana Fun Facts

5 Drifter Zebra Facts

May 11th, 2022

🦓 Fact 1

The Zebra is the 7th Drifter of 12 we’ve released. Something is coming soon X 👀

🦓 Fact 2

We dropped it with our Drifter Adventure Series, along with the Moo and Chameleon, both of which are discontinued now.

🦓 Fact 3

It is the only design made up of three body pieces, making it one of the more difficult car designs to produce!

🦓 Fact 4

The Zebra was inspired by our founder Vlad's Subi which had a zebra pattern vinyl on the back! He has since upgraded to a newer Subaru and was not allowed to put the stripes on this time around 😂

🦓 Fact 5

The Zebra is the first Americana™ car to have a roof rack. Pack your bags!

🦓 Bonus Question!

Is it teal with black stripes or black with teal stripes??



Drifter Zebra

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