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We take pride in being present in the finest independent shops, with a discerning product selection. We count on you, the friendly, genuine neighborhood shop, to tell the story of our young brand, display the newest finds and support a small, independent toy maker. We protect our channels, and carefully manage digital sales to ensure price fairness. Becoming a US retailer is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:

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Then, send us a note at
Include the following info:

Name/Type of Store
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We will review it within 2-3 business days and once approved we will activate wholesale prices, meaning you can go ahead and order immediately on our website.

Please keep in mind our order minimum is $180 and we prefer items to be ordered in quantities of 3 to avoid damage in transit.
Keep in mind that we do not allow reselling on Amazon, Ebay, or Walmart. We will provide our sell terms, but this one is an important rule.

Drop us a line if you need any visual assets - we have a dropbox link at the ready.
International Accounts

We are currently fulfilling orders DIRECTLY from our Warehouse in the US. For any B2B orders, please email to establish an account with us.

We are currently looking for a partner interested to grow a global toy and gift brand together with us.

Australia and NZ:
Please reach out to UNTIL, they competently cover that part of the planet.
For AU:
For NZ:

We work with Fire The Imagination, they can be contacted at