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Niblick's General Store

Candylab is in Alaska! Niblick’s is a store that has carried Candylab Toys for a long time, so now it’s our time to shine a spotlight on them. Andrew Zink founded Niblick’s in 2017 after relocating to Alaska, he realized he wanted to participate in the tourism and fun that Ketchikan, Alaska has to offer. Andrew does his best to focus on Made-In-America, Fair Trade, and responsibly made, durable goods.
This year, Niblick’s moved into its own building on the historic Creek Street. They are proud to be part of a growing number of year-round businesses on the Creek.

As for activities in Alaska, there is a strong art community in Ketchikan, and their favorite in-store event is the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council's community art walk, which happens three times a year. The shops downtown stay open late, and have snacks and drinks on hand. It's a fun evening to see friends and neighbors.

Andrew told us his best selling Candylab product would have to be the CandyCars, they continue to fly off the shelf! However Andrews' personal favorites are the Pioneer, the Police Cruiser, and the Fire Marshall.

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