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Woodie Highlight

Woodie Highlight


Product Highlight

Woodie Classic

Febuary 26th, 2021

The most classic of the classics.

It’s a perfect 70’s beige. It has real walnut veneer panels. A magnetic tow hitch and surfboard rack. Say hello to the Woodie, our most romantic vehicular icon.


18 - 9 Candygrip Tires

Walnut veneer paneling

a vivid yellow paint job

Wooden surfboard attachment

Magnetic hitch for campers


Solid Beech Wood

Water-based Paint & Clear Urethane Coat

White ABS Plastic Rims

Rubber Tires

Walnut Veneer


West Coaster


Your grandson


People who like cool things

Nov. 2012

Heritage design that lasts.

Wood panel wagons will always have a soft spot in our hearts. The proportions. The low riding suspension. The HUGE tail lights. Everything you know and love about a vintage surf wagon is here.

The perfect pairing.

We wanted to design something that would work flawlessly with a camper. The idea of adding a magnet seems like a no-brainer now, but at the time it was a breakthrough. With four color variations of the camper, there is a combo out there for everyone

Surf's up!

The Woodie comes with a surf board for catching waves and hanging loose.

But what if I do not like yellow?

We have you covered. Check out the Woodie Redux here. We modified the body shape and gave it a fresh paint job.

Certified cool.

We spend hours asking the big questions. How does the scale feel? Are the proportions correct? What if we add a magnet? But most importantly we ask "is it cool" and without a doubt, the Woodie is cool.

Modern Vintage.

The saying “they don’t make’em as they used to” doesn’t apply here at Candylab. Not only that we preserve and cherish good, old-fashioned crafting techniques, but we’ve upgraded and brought into the 21st century the pride of making honest, solid wooden toys.

We’re adding unexpected materials, and are designing complex geometry afforded by CAD engineering techniques. This all adds up to a true modern toy, while keeping all the vintage vibes. We took all this, wrapped it in our own surfer mindset and the Woodie was born.




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