Made You Look

Made You Look

Made You Look is one of the cutest shops in Portland and if you don't know about it, frankly... you are missing out. After a handful of years working in film and video, Made You Look owner, Lilah, went out on a limb and decided to give being a small business owner - for small people! - a try. It’s definitely been challenging but she has managed to make it a completely magical experience. Made You Look offers a cute little play area, a tunnel to crawl through, and for 25 cents you can ride an old-school rocket that plays a pretty rad song from the 80s.

Made You Look happens to be neighbors with some of the most incredible artists, kiddos, cafes, and restaurants ever. You can definitely make a day out of visiting their neck of Portland.

Made You Look always has fun events in the works! They have a regular story time and like to mix it up - sometimes it’s even Drag Queen Story Time! Some of their all-time favorite recurring events star DJ Bouncy, the absolute best kid DJ, and their annual visit from Mrs. Claus!

We asked Lilah about her favorite Candylab Products and she said that her absolute favorite is Towie the tow truck - and bonus if it's paired with any model that has a pin so you can start towing!

Lilah also mentioned that being that they are located in Portland, the Pioneer and Woodie are also crowd favorites! Portlanders are no strangers to canoes and surfboards so they are well-loved models around there.

Photo Courtesy: Jenn Byrne

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