In a brand new home - housewarming party anyone?

As many of you noticed - we went through a bit of a gap there on our e-commerce side;  our old site - beautiful but quite rigid- was temporarily missing an e-commerce solution.  The webcart provider we've been using for over 2 years discontinued support and we had to scramble and move on to Shopify.  Which was long overdue anyway. We're still tweaking things here and we'll continually improve it but we're finally live!

Now that we're on this platform, we intend to take full advantage of it.  We can add or edit products - and you can already see our oft-requested tires sets added by popular demand- customize our look accordingly and do all sorts of things that were just not possible with our old webpage.  

And no better way to celebrate our new home than to start off with our new pricing - making our awesome cars more affordable.  And reduced shipping rates on top of that!  As we grow a little, we're getting better at this, and becoming more efficient.  Any savings we find, we'd like to pass on to you.  

So please stay tuned - we'll post updates, news or anything of interest.  Shoot us a line if you're keen on any particular topics.  




September 09, 2015 by Vlad Dragusin