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Three Littles

Three Littles


Retailer Highlight

Three Littles

May 2021

Introducing, Three Littles! A children’s shop in Washington DC dedicated to selling magical, sustainable goods to design-conscious families. Three Littles offers a selection of over 60 small brands, most of which are female-owned, LGBTQ-owned, or BIPOC-owned. When you shop at Three Littles, you are supporting a multitude of small companies while investing in products that are sustainable and thoughtfully designed.

“Three Littles was founded with the belief that nothing our kids play with should be made by a child somewhere else, that toys should stand the test of time and be something we look forward to passing down for generations to come instead of just another thing that ends up in a landfill.”

Elizabeth, the founder of Three Littles was inspired to open her shop after being a nanny for over a decade across the US. She spent six of those years being a nanny to three amazing little ones! During this time, she learned that coming across wholesome children’s products was rare. She envisioned a shop where families could access one-of-a-kind items in their local neighborhood. A feature of her shop that sets the store apart from competitors.  

“I believed people would love the toys I'd seen in my travels all over the world if I could just figure out a way to introduce them and then Three Littles was created!

Three Littles originally existed as a pop-up inside of Union Market in Washington, DC, but Covid forced them to permanently close. Thankfully, six months later they had the opportunity to reopen as a brick-and-mortar shop in October 2020. Elizabeth decided to shift primarily to selling toys because “nothing brings joy and happiness quite like a toy shop!”

Elizabeth decided to add Candylab Toys to her little shop of wonders because since childhood she attended car shows with her father, sprouting her love for cars! She tells us that as soon as she came across our brand, she knew she had to carry us in her shop “because of the superior craftsmanship, the funky and cool designs, and perhaps most importantly because they're fun for all ages! Some of her favorite Candylab Cars are The DartThe Ice Cream Truck, and The Pioneer.

“I sell tons of cars to grown-ups for their offices and bookshelves and having a toy store that appeals to children and adults continues to be one of my greatest accomplishments.”

Like a most small businesses, changes had to be made due to Covid-19. For the time being, Three Littles is only allowing six customers in the shop at a time, but people have been utilizing online shopping as well as curbside shopping which are two practices they will continue offering beyond the pandemic.

“We are taking things one day at a time, but things have been going well so far and I am forever grateful for the outpouring of support for small businesses during this trying time.”


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Visit their location @1260 4th St NE, Washington, DC 20002 

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