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Design Life Kids

Design Life Kids


Retailer Highlight


July 2021

Design Life Kids; what began as Kim Wardell’s lifestyle blog flourished into an elite online boutique that brings families top quality, modern designed pieces from small boutique designers to internationally adored brands.
From fashion to furniture, and everything in between one can fill their home with the aesthetically pleasing and playful goods offered on the DLK site.

For Kim, it’s not just about the kids but the entire home. For this reason, her online shop stands out from other "kid concept stores”. She specializes in seeking out products from companies who take pride in their design and whose pieces not only function beautifully but draw in people of all ages. When we asked how our products made the cut, she stated “Candylab pieces speak for themselves. The quality, their story, the beautiful coloring, and design. Not only are they fun for kids, but adults want to collect them too!” Her favorite collection of ours is the Candycar line.

For online shops like DLK, the biggest worry when Covid-19 pandemic began was that their shop would suffer financially. Understandably, many people were saving their funds due to lack of work. Luckily some were still looking for places to order gifts to bring smiles to their family and friends. Kim shares with us that during this time DLK was grateful to be the shop that people chose to support. "We were able to help send happy gifts filled with fun toys, activities, and home decor pieces to help make the time in quarantine a more enjoyable one".

Like most of us, Kim and her team faced obstacles during the pandemic. Maintaining stock levels became an issue due to importing, and the pressure was high to keep the employees of DLK and their families fed. The DLK team is like family to one another and pushed through the toughest of times. “Covid-19 scared us like the rest of the world. My kids and I even took a personal hit and were sick with it this year” Kim tells us.  Most of her team with exception to 1 employee worked from home, while their main warehouse superstar took the wheel and managed all the warehouse responsibilities! “Managing a business, working from home, being a single parent and home schooling all at the same time was quite the feat!”

It’s business owners like Kim that we are grateful for here at Candylab Toys. Their admiration for quality products and commitment to working with smaller brands to build a bigger vision together is what makes DLK an ideal Candylab Toys Partner. Since 2014, Design Life Kids has supported brands like ours worldwide while growing their own support network from people
who love and live to shop small!

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