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Norman & Jules

Norman & Jules


Retailer Highlight


August 2021

Presenting Norman & Jules, a prestigious family-owned toy business in Brooklyn, New York. We have had the pleasure of witnessing Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz grow the business from their storefront in 2012 to their online shop in 2015. They have supported Candylab since our early days and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Inspired by the birth of their daughter they opened their shop because they “wanted to raise Charley and help her develop with the most purposeful toys...We approached this by seeking thoughtful, well-made toys and nursery decor. We were adamant about purchasing quality goods that were made by hand and not in a factory” shares Courtney.

Avi and Courtney were not always involved in the toy business, with backgrounds in communication design and apparel marketing it was their shared vision for “creating, curating, and conceiving beautiful ideas” that motivated them to start researching brands that made purposeful toys. Their dream of owning a retail shop that encompassed well-made, creative, and sustainable products led to the birth of Norman & Jules.

The neighborhood welcomed Norman & Jules with open arms. As local parents they had the support and admiration of their town. “We received a lot of press and quickly became a destination for tourists. We curated toys from all over the world. We stood out, and folks enjoyed our offerings” says Courtney.

When Vlad, founder of Candylab Toys walked into their shop one night to show them one of our earliest prototypes, Courtney and Avi gave feedback that Vlad took to heart. Weeks later he returned with a modified sample and our relationship with Norman & Jules began.

“The success was slower than we expected, but Vlad kept creating, and building and the cars got more expansive, and the sales became greater. Candylab is now one of our top brands, and we couldn't be prouder to be a partner!”

Having a storefront business means covid-19 greatly affected Norman & Jules. They closed their doors March - September, then again in November when cases resurged. Protecting the health of their family and staff was crucial for their well-being and for the sake of the business. “If one of us got sick, we wouldn't be able to get our customer's orders out, and it would have been a nightmare!” states Courtney. Luckily, customers could still order online, and placed orders for in-store pick-up. “Our staff helped customers from our front door and through the window. It was wild, but everyone respected our decision, and we had a great holiday season”.

With the holidays around the corner, we encourage everyone to go support this small business at their newest location in Gowanus, Brooklyn, or check out their online shop!

68 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11231


*Photos courtesy of Norman & Jules

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