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Hand-picked Americana™ and CANDYCAR® styles in shades of red and pink!


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Cupcake VanCupcake Van
Cupcake Van Sale price$20.00
Seagull RedSeagull Red
Seagull Red Sale price$32.00
Pink CruiserPink Cruiser
Pink Cruiser Sale price$30.00
Duckie WagonDuckie Wagon
Duckie Wagon Sale price$15.00
Drifter NigelDrifter Nigel
Drifter Nigel Sale price$45.00
Longhorn RedLonghorn Red
Longhorn Red Sale price$30.00
Pink SedanPink Sedan
Pink Sedan Sale price$9.00
GT-10 Sale price$28.00
London BusLondon Bus
London Bus Sale price$28.00
Pink Santa MonicaPink Santa Monica
Pink Santa Monica Sale price$25.00
Donut VanDonut Van
Donut Van Sale price$20.00
Dumpling VanDumpling Van
Dumpling Van Sale price$20.00
Hamburger VanHamburger Van
Hamburger Van Sale price$20.00
Sold out
Pretzel VanPretzel Van
Pretzel Van Sale price$20.00
Sold out
Fried Chicken VanFried Chicken Van
Fried Chicken Van Sale price$20.00
Flamingo WagonFlamingo Wagon
Flamingo Wagon Sale price$15.00
B.Berry Sale price$9.00
Luggage WagonLuggage Wagon
Luggage Wagon Sale price$9.00
Rosebud CamperRosebud Camper
Rosebud Camper Sale price$10.00