As a US-based company, Americana means something special to us. These are the styles we grew up loving, so take a walk down memory lane with our Americana collection.


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Product type: Accessories
Oahu Surf SetOahu Surf Set
Oahu Surf Set Sale price$10.00
Biarritz Surf SetBiarritz Surf Set
Biarritz Surf Set Sale price$10.00
Santa Monica Surf SetSanta Monica Surf Set
Santa Monica Surf Set Sale price$10.00
Canoe Bear LakeCanoe Bear Lake
Canoe Bear Lake Sale price$7.00
Canoe SpearheadCanoe Spearhead
Canoe Spearhead Sale price$7.00
Canoe CarnegieCanoe Carnegie
Canoe Carnegie Sale price$7.00
Race Pursuit Tire SetRace Pursuit Tire Set
Race Pursuit Tire Set Sale price$5.00
All Terrain Tire SetAll Terrain Tire Set
All Terrain Tire Set Sale price$5.00
Comfort Tread Tire SetComfort Tread Tire Set
Comfort Tread Tire Set Sale price$5.00
Malibu Beach TowerMalibu Beach Tower
Malibu Beach Tower Sale price$35.00
Magnetic Walnut Display BaseMagnetic Walnut Display Base