COVID-19 Statement

From Brooklyn With Love:

We know.

We're all in uncharted territory, and all of us have seen this movie, just never thought this would happen to us.  Uncertainty aside,  we can still count on a spring bloom, turtles being out in Prospect Park and the unshakeable belief that we will get through this together. 

What are we up to?
After the early shock and re-viewing of I Am Legend, Contagion et al, we realized that we missed the run on toilet paper according to CNN.  (False alarm, Brooklyn bodegas are well stocked with $4 toilet paper rolls).  We then implemented a game plan and wanted to share it with you:
  • Our NYC office is working remotely for now or commuting by bike as needed, which we're grateful to be able to do.  Design work on fall /winter items continues apace, and we won't let even a thing like a pandemic sway us.
  • You may recall that we have our own warehouse operation in Pennsylvania; our industrious crew has re-scrubbed our otherwise spotless packing station and storage racks, and are open and eager for your orders.
  • Our Los Angeles team is on a regular schedule, way on top of all things sales and customer service related and ready to answer any questions or needs you may have. 
  • If toys are what you need, we have them.  Our suppliers are largely unaffected as most are small artisan cooperatives, with zero disruption from this pandemic and we were able to restock just before things went awry. 
What's next?
We'll keep marching on; we are fully self-contained with our own online store front, a savvy team and cautious optimism about the path forward. If we are to take any cues from countries that are beating this back, is that now's the time to be disciplined and skip some social comforts for a while unfortunately. We all know the guidelines. 

Shop right here
If you're going to be cooped up indoors or in your backyard, give our store a try.  We will have FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING* to make this a breeze for a while. 

Final word.
As a small, young business we are grateful to have made it this far with your help and support. Please continue to stay by our side - we have a few nice surprises in store for you - and hopefully we can bring some joy and smiles into your homes. 

The Entire Candylab Team 

*Free Shipping Not applicable for wholesale customers, will ship via Fedex Ground or USPS.

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