Jack Dobson came to us through a super awesome up-and-coming app called Instagram. I am sure many of you have heard of it... maybe not? Ha! If Instagram can bring two people for across the world together let’s just say it can do anything. From the moment we started communicating with Jack we all knew he had that sweet Australian charm. Our team even starting reading his emails in an Australian accent. We scoped his Instagram (@jackuar_land_rover) and we all started fantasizing about riding in his Land Rover along the Australian Coast. What a dream!


Jack has always had a passion for cars, more specifically for the Land Rover. His first memories were at the early age of six. They consisted of his parents’ Series III Land Rover and its many trials and tribulations. One day it would be a hubcap falling off, the next day the brakes would fail, it was what some people would call a never-ending nightmare. But not for Jack, in his eyes it was exciting and it was what led to his long love affair with Land Rovers.


At age 16, before he was even legally allowed to drive, Jack got his first very own Land Rover- a 1964 Series IIA. Dobson stated, “It was love at first sight, and I recall excitedly looking back at the old girl rocking on the trailer as we took her home.” I sure wish I felt that way about my first car...


For the months to follow Jack worked endlessly taking apart and putting back together his new car.  The following year he was the cool kid in the school parking lot, sporting the car everyone wanted to jump in during lunch break.


Years later, Jack still carries the passion he had as an adolescent teenage boy towards Land Rovers. ‘Old Girl’ is part of Jack’s life. Whether it is adventuring up a mountain to go for a hike for the day or just going on a sunset ride down the coast, his car makes him happy.


Jack stated, “It’s all about the ADVENTURE. Be it a trip to the shops... a journey out into the wilds of Australia... trying to park the thing in a tight spot… placing trust in the handbrake (okay I never do that)… when driving a Land Rover it always feels like an adventure.”


This is what we admire so much about Jack, his love for cars reflects the lifestyle he lives. Taking advantage of the sunlight to adventure all hours of the day. 


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