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Staying Sustainable

Staying Sustainable
Earth Week

Staying Sustainable

April 22nd 2021

A 5,000-year-old toy, anyone?

Ok, that's a bit dramatic, in the sense that it won't be a toy anymore, but the plastic used to make it will still be around. Plastic doesn't ever disappear, it just keeps breaking into smaller and smaller pieces, ending up in living organisms worldwide. Metals, rubber, textiles, and lots of other materials break down completely in nature after some decades. Not plastic. Did you know that more than HALF the plastic worldwide has been produced only since 2008?

So, unlike other toy brands around the world, we set ourselves apart in one major way: we are firmly in the camp believing that wood as a natural, renewable resource can be just as versatile as plastic when it comes to building engaging and attractive toys. Our mission is to make wooden toys better than plastic ones, with zero compromises.

Ingredients We Avoid

Lead, Mercury & Cadmium
Bisphenols (BPA & BPS)
Oil Based Paints

Wood as a raw material

Our DNA as a company is in design, engineering, and woodworking, and we've put our skills to use towards this very clear goal: a wooden toy should be as attractive, playable, and stimulating as any other toy. No guilt, nor compromise - just Awesome Wooden Toys!

What type of wood do you use?

Our lumber always comes from well-managed forests from North America, mostly Canada. Our suppliers import it under our close supervision and turn it into the beautiful toys you see here. We will occasionally source New Zealand Pine from, well, New Zealand or Rubber Wood from various sources in Asia. All these species are fast to extremely fast-growing rates (unlike oak, fir, etc. ) with a growth rate exceeding the harvest rate over a given territory.

From natural wood to a finished car.

We spend weeks minutely tweaking our designs before we commit to making anything, so when we do it's a big deal. Proportions, colors, graphics, packaging, and of course the ideas that determine a product decision.

What about the packaging?

All paper and cardboard! It is equal parts engineering and origami to make rigid boxes that can be shipped across the world. We use non-toxic paints when printing, and we do not skimp on the design! No one should need to use a sharp blade to free up a toy from a blister pack.

How we make it & where.

Our NYC office handles design, sales, and marketing; our hub in Central Pennsylvania diligently packs and ships our products. And we set up an office in Ningbo, China with our employees to ensure all our suppliers closely follow our strict quality and sustainability steps. We use only a handful of small, family-owned wood shops to make products, run by people that have been in this craft for 2 generations now. Pre-COVID times we frequently traveled to spend time and work alongside our suppliers to make sure every single toy is made the right way.

All our small and custom runs are made either right in our studio in NYC, or our shop in PA. We're currently working to expand that ability - stay tuned for more soon!

Thanks for tagging along.

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