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Boutique Little

Boutique Little


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Boutique Little

December 2020

Little is a kids’ store that offers quality children’s clothing, toys, and furniture, that are playful, classic and, most importantly, special. With a brick and mortar location in Portland Maine’s historical Old Port, Little strives to become a sought-after destination for children’s fashion and lifestyle products.

Founder Angela Foddrill, had her first child and realized that there were no stores that carried uniquely beautiful products, so she set out to create something truly special.

She has been in retail for 18 years with her women's store, Bliss, but just jumped into the kids business 5 years ago after she had her son. Little searches out hard to find items to offer to their customers and they carry everything from clothing and accessories to room decor as well. When we asked Angela about any fun in store events, she mentioned that they do tons of really fun in store events, but they are known for their visit from Santa every December.

Angela told us her 3 favorite Candylab styles are: the Woodie, the Pioneer, and the Camper. She told us these styles have been played with for countless hours in her house. Another top pick for Angela when it comes to Candylab Toys is the Longhorn, in any color!

If you’re in Portland, Maine and you’ve got some time to stop and shop, make sure your first stop is Little, it is a must see.

Check out their website here:

Check out their Instagram here: @boutiquelittle

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