Play tester

Vlad started Candylab and launched the first Kickstarter campaign out of his living room because he wanted to spend time doing what he likes most while pretending he's a grown up: playing with cars. Equal parts gearhead, design buff, registered architect and father of two little girls, we see him pulling off this toy car thing relatively easy, because he's well in touch with his inner little boy.


Better than you at anything*

It's really hard to say it, but if you can think of something, this guy can do it. Need to restore a 1938 BMW R Motorcycle? Check. Repair a Cessna while landed in the desert? Done it. Cast and build his own scuba filming gear? uh-uh. Prototype a weird toy based on a napkin sketch? Daily. We could go on and on. *Just don't ask him to do an expense report.


Zen master and brand genius

Jen can spot a good story from Mount Fuji. Then he'll make a logo, packaging, establish color palettes, organize storytelling and deliver the most important angles in a low, measured tone. He has a weakness just like any other Master which is the fear of anything uncool.


the Directrice

Not only is her English much better than our Mandarin (maybe except Jen's) but she has saved our collective rears numerous times. Production problems? Dispatched. Shipping snags? Resolved. Quality issues — Squashed! We've didn't think it's possible to stay composed while dealing with logistics, but she proves otherwise.


Toy Mechanic

Nick's defining feature, we think, is his winning smile. Our growing company has been throwing increasingly curved balls at him, but that smile is still there. And now that the Cubs won, he'll stay happy forever.


Real Human

Got an inquiry? A complaint? A special request, or need images. Whatever it is, Madison is our public voice and the real person behind the shingle with our name on it. Totally couldn't do it without her!