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House of Candy is our line of Limited Edition and Made to Order products.

We constantly tinker, develop and periodically get attached to some strangely beautiful vehicle, long extinct. And because we deeply love every single one of these designs, but most don't make it into production, we though we should share them with you. And by all means, let us know if you have ideas you'd like to see built. Many hours can go into these creations, and whatever leaves our shop is carefully checked, hand signed, and gingerly placed in a Collector's Edition box.

We use the same solid wood, safe paints and lab tested accessories, but they are not toysjust uniquely great adult collectibles. Drop us a line at toymaker[at] for a custom quote.

Rare Bird

A sleek body shape, metallic flake paint and super glossy automotive hard clear coatjust some of the features that make these unique collectibles. 

Model X


We went comic book-ish on this. Matte paint and a light grey cabin to make it distinct from the white base cabins of the mass produced line. Perfect for a bookshelf next to that special collection of rare issues.