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Master of Camouflage
Meet The Chameleon
A New Drifter with an Untold Story
The Chameleon Drifter is unlike any car we have developed before. Much like its real-life counterpart, this car adapts to the world around it.
Unexplored Territory
If you know and love our existing Drifters, you'll find this familiar: Carved from real solid Beech Wood, with Steel Pin Axles, and finished in safe water-based paints, the Chameleon ramps it up a notch. Custom DIY stickers, check. New metal components, check. Brand spankin' new packaging, check. And remember: This is available to order ONLY on our site, and ONLY through Oct 25th, never to return this year.
Comes With a Custom
Set of Stickers
Each Drifter Chameleon is a blank canvas ready for you to design as
you see fit. The custom Sticker pack comes with your drifter and is
chock-full of flags, logos, patterns and more!
Our Exlusive Stockist Gear Patrol
Our Exlusive Stockist Gear Patrol
A blend of all natural materials combining rubber, metal, and wood.
We finish it all with water-based paints and a clear coat for protection.
6.5" L x 3.7" W x 3.3" H
1.4 lbs
9.25" L x 4.5" W x 3.3" H
16.5cm L x 9.4cm W x 8.2cm H
23.5cm L x 11.4cm W x 8.3cm H
No Preorders, No Waiting.
This is our 2nd product DROP. Order now, and ships this week!
No sales tax (excl NY, PA), and free domestic shipping for the first 48 hours, what's holding you back?
Accessories Pack not Included, but available now for the perfect add-on.
Borneo Adventure Pack
This Set Includes:
• 3 Jerry Cans
• 2 Rubber Band Straps
• 2 Wheels
• 1 Canvas Piece
• 1 Metal Shovel
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