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Parking Extension   $ 12.00
Lets go Camping!
The perfect companion for any waytoplay extention
Candycar - Teal Wagon   $ 9.50
What Is A Car Without A Road?
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Part of the J. Ruiter Collection;  Mr. Ruiter scanned himself into a high-resolution 3D model, allowing us to create tiny clones of him. Perfectly sized to match any of the Beast cars, and satisfyingly flexible - now you can summon the Design Superhero to stand watch over your prized vehicles. This is an adult collector item, not a toy.

Go see more of his remarkable work at:

Materials: Safe, non-toxic flexible rubber.

Dimensions: 3.4" tall (8.65cm)

Packaging: Clear tube, 4" tall x 1"diam. (10cm X 2.54cm)

Keywords: little, j ruiter, j. ruiter, model, white, J, J Ruiter, J. Ruiter, adult collector item, joey, Joey