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Ranch at the Pier

Ranch At The Pier has been a long time supporter of Candylab Toys. They have the cutest store front, with an amazing view. We love Ranch at The Pier naturally cool California Style! 

Originally built in 1905 to transfer agricultural products to large vessels. Today Malibu Pier still exists as a state park and is a landmark along the Californian Coast. Ranch At The Pier fully embodies the essence of California culture and has become an icon in Malibu. 

Ranch at the Pier celebrate the history of Malibu and the California coast: the surf & skate culture, the magnificent nature & hiking, the fishing, boating and auto/motorcycle culture. If you are a tourist looking for some sight-seeing a bit of shopping look no further than this perfectly curated California store. 

Some of their favorite Candylab products are the Candycars and our Malibu Beach Tower (obviously).. When we started working with Ranch at The Pier we couldn't think up a better pairing, our surf style and adventure cars fit right into their store, and we couldn't be happier. 

"Malibu Pier offers escape for people, from their everyday lives and reality. We want to make Ranch at the Pier a space that incorporates all of it." - Alice Bamford

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